See What Our Patients Are Saying!

""I always have a wonderful, painless experience at Mt. Vernon Road Dental with Dr. Rehak. Everyone in the office does a wonderful job!"
Tony Olson
""Dr. Rehak and Staff, Thanks for taking me in on short (no) notice and taking care of my dental emergency. It would have been difficult going another day since painkillers were not working. After any major procedure you have called to ask how I am doing. You are conscientious and caring and I appreciate your concern. I believe you lead by example since you great staff is the same way. The amenities you have available make you feel like you are at the spa. I doubt there are many offices that provide this service, with a smile, that you do. Thanks again for always attending to my needs.""
Rose Marie Monagan
""Dr. Rehak and al his staff treat me so well it makes me want to come to the dentist!""
Amanda Core
""Today's visit was very relaxing as the staff and Dr. Rehak do a great job making sure you are comfortable and at ease.""
Cynthia Becwar
""Today I enjoyed (somewhat) seeing Dr. Rehak and his most wonderful staff!! I did not need Novocain! "Yeah." I came over on my lunch and I was in and out fast. Dr. Rehak and Andrea always make sure that I'm comfortable and do a great job. I think they really know what their doing! Linda is also great and remembers names like no other for a dentist office. I'd rate them all A+. Thank you Linda. You always remind me to take my premed-which is good for my teeth and heart. You're the BEST!""
Anita LeGrand
""My experience at Dr. Rehak's office has just been revived by the office staff and the atmosphere. The newly decorated from waiting area, a cup of coffee waiting for me on arrival, the massage chair and the hand wax treatment. My visits will now be one that I look forward to. Clean teeth, smooth hands and a perfect smile! Thanks.""
""Before all the pampering and the new changes in the office this is the best dentist I've been to.""
Antonio Vega Jr.
""The warm wax on my hands felt wonderful and the massager was relaxing. Thank you all for making it easier for me.""
Pat Carder
""Coming to the dentist has never been so delightful! The staff is great, and now added luxuries in hand waxing and warm clothes to wipe hands and face. I can look forward to coming back. No pain either!""
Rose Marie Martensen
""I've been going to the dentist for 40 some years and Dr. Rehak's office personnel are the most thorough and helpful yet. It's rare to find a "pleasurable" experience at the dentist office. This is one of CR's best-kept secrets! Love the massage and paraffin too!""
Mary Ohms
""Had such a pleasure to come to Dr. Rehak's and have my teeth taken care of. I enjoyed the chair massage as much. Hated to leave.""
"Wax for hands was great! No pain with visit today. Speedy, efficient, painless! Thanks!"
Staci Horn
" "Dr Rehak and the Team- I truly loved the warm water that was used to rinse my mouth while my teeth were being cleaned. My teeth are sensitive so the warm water made my experience a lot nicer. I also had a filling and the girl turned on the massager I was sitting on-totally relaxed me and took my mind off what was going on."
Kathy Riley
""I love coming to the dentist now! It is a very comfortable environment. The staff is great. I love the hand waxing also.""
Tia Truesdell
""I love coming to Dr. Rehak. He is very gentle and I love the hand wax!""
Molly Cosgrove
" "Everyone at Mt. Vernon Road Dental has been so friendly each time I have come. I had my first cavity filled and the experience was great. They made me feel relaxed through the whole time. I almost thought I was at the spa from the hand wax to the chair massage. It all helped to make the experience quick and painless. Thank you.""
Jenny Clark
""Today, I had the first stage of a crown done. Quite frankly, I was dreading it, but it really was a piece of cake! The paraffin wax hand treatment, as well as the heat & massage on the chair were wonderful! Thank you everyone for all your do!""
Anita LeGrand
""The amenities you have available make you feel like you are at a spa. I doubt there are many offices that provide this service, with a smile, that you do.""
Rose Marie Monagan
""Great job on having massagers in the chairs. It was very relaxing!""
Diane Wurzer
""Everyone at Mt. Vernon Road Dental has been so friendly each time I have come. I had my first cavity filled and the experience was great. They made me feel relaxed through the whole time. I almost thought I was at the spa from the hand wax to the chair massage. It all helped to make the experience quick and painless. Thank you.""
Jenny Clark
""I have had problems with gagging and sensitivity all my life. This was the first experience with the Laser and I highly recommend it for everyone.""
Sharon Brown
""Dr. Rehak, The laser used to fix my two cavities was great! I felt no pain and it was quick and easy! Much better than being numb for 2 hours. The hand treatment was also a great relaxant! Thank you so much Andrea and the whole staff! Sincerely,"
Tiffany Threatt
""This was the best surgery I have ever had for tooth filling. With the Laser there was no pain and less time. I will recommend it to other who need to have a tooth fill. Thanks again,""
Ethel Levi
""I never thought I'd say this; but today's visit was painless, quick and actually pleasant. With the new laser cavity finder, Dr. Rehak caught decay sooner rather than later when more damage would have been done. I had 3 fillings and because it was caught early; I didn't even need Novocain. No pain, and no numb mouth. In the relaxing atmosphere it's made the visit a good one. Thank you!""
Joan Yeater
""Compared to numbing, the laser procedure was superior. The only discomfort was in the final polish stage close to the gum. The sensation was minor. In all, I would always select laser if the option is available.""
Sheldon Sellers
""I just experienced having three fillings done with the laser. Amazing! There were no injections and no pain. Fast, east and expertly preformed by Dr. Rehak.""
Pam Smith
""I had a filling done today with the new laser! It was unbelievable. No shots- I did not feel a thing! I couldn't even tell Dr. Rehak was working on my tooth. That is my kind of dentistry!""
Linda Martin
""Dr. Rehak- Wow! I'm so impressed with how painless having a cavity filled can be. Thank you so much and thanks to whomever invented the laser!""
Kathy Tusing
""The water laser is a much better option to treating cavities than the shots of Novocain and the drilling.""
Sarah Eshelman
""Dr. Rehak use the laser to repair a chipped tooth for me today. It was a quick and painless process without lingering after effects. No shot, no hassle.""
Paul Neuhaus
""The new laser filling of teeth went very well. No needles, less time. It works very well!""
Diane Drahos
""Excellent treatment from the laser. No discomfort. Then, after surgery, no numbness or discomfort from the novocaine wearing off. I will request this treatment again!""
Dan Richardson
" "I had two fillings done with your new laser technology today. It was a very good experience for me. I had no discomfort and without the numbing!
Thank you for using this new to me technology. I'm sure your patients will all appreciate it.
Dan Mineck
" "My confidence in Dr Rehak is so great that 31/2 years after moving from Cedar Rapids to Henderson, Nevada, I returned to have him replace my old crowns. He not only is superior in his work, he is very kind to patients who have panic or fear associated with dental work. And that means alot-even an airplane trip half way across the country for a dental appointment.""
Joanne Maloney
""I just wanted to thank you for the dental care you provide. Especially, I am appreciative of your urging me to buy and use my NTI. As you remember, I was quite reluctant as thought it would be uncomfortable to wear; and that I would not use it. I was pleasantly surprised that there is no discomfort. But the most pleasant surprise at my recent check-up when you discovered that my teeth have stabilized. That was only six months of use! So going from denial of gnashing my teeth at night to getting back out of bed to get my NTI when I have forgotten to put it in is a big turn-around, wouldn't you say? Thanks again for caring.""
Shirley Gutzeit
""I always have a wonderful, painless experience at Mt Vernon Road Dental with Dr Rehak.
Everyone in the office does a wonderful job!'"
Tony Olson
""I have been using the SnoreGuard for six years. It has reduced the severity of snoring and has helped me to sleep more soundly. This has also made it easier for my wife and family to sleep.""
George Carr
" "I'm in a sales position where I get to constantly meet and work with new people. I must say that with my Lumineer smile I definitely enjoy smiling now more than ever!" "
Ron Glendenning
""Oh my gosh!" "You got your braces off!" "You look so completely different." "I can't believe how different you look." "I never thought you could be any more beautiful."
Well these are just a few quotes out of my friends' and family members' mouths after I completed my treatment. You see I was born with a disease in my teeth called Dentinogenesis Imperfecta that means they are weak, dull, gray/brown teeth with no feeling, and no available dental treatments, without a tremendous amount of pain. Since the age of three I spent countless hours at the hands of dentists who used me as a money pit to "try and make it better." I convinced myself that it wasn't that big of a deal.
Then my mom saw an ad on television for Lumineers. She called the number and they put her in direct contact with Dr. Rehak. We had a consultation and two visits later my teeth were straight, white and oh my gosh beautiful! Oh and did I mention, pain free.

It changed me. I got my confidence back, I smile-a lot, a smile that I didn't realize I was hiding for 17 years! So would I recommend Lumineers and Dr. Rehak? You bet! From the moment I walked into his office I was like his daughter, he treated me with respect, love, and kindness. Every step was explained and he went at my pace. He knew I was scared and nervous, but also excited, and he was just as excited as I was. So check out my results for yourself. I am a senior this year and my life just got a whole lot brighter! Thanks Dr. Rehak. You have changed my life forever!"
Lea Johnson